English Contents of Expertise-Portal

BG RCI offers you the specialist knowledge and experience of its prevention experts on a dedicated website in the form of the Expertise-Portal. The most important pillars of a company are its employees. If they are healthy, well-trained and motivated, they are a key driver in the success of a company. Take advantage of our expertise and gather information on our range of services.

The Expertise-Portal enables you to benefit from practical information on a range of important occupational health and safety issues including plant safety, biological agents, explosion protection, hazardous substances, laboratories, machine safety and many more. We offer useful tools and practical support such as operating instructions and guidelines, while the newsletter in German language keeps you informed about current issues, important developments, new work aids and events.

For international visitors to the Expertise-Portal, we also offer selected topics and documents in English.

You can reach the German-language version of the article with a single click on the flag-symbol.