In the Laboratories section you can find information and advice on working safely in the laboratory from the Subcommittee "Laboratory" (Sachgebiet Laboratorien) within the Expert Committee "Raw materials and chemical industry” (Fachbereich Rohstoffe und chemische Industrie). Under the leadership of the BG RCI, this Subcommittee and the working group on laboratories handle the topics of safety and health protection in laboratories.

The laboratory guidelines DGUV Information 213-851 "Working Safely in Laboratories – Basic Principles and Guidelines" and DGUV Information 213-086 (information sheet B 002 of the BG RCI) "Biologische Laboratorien – Ausstattung und organisatorische Maßnahmen" (Safe Biotechnology – Biological Laboratories – Equipment and organizational measures) that are universally applicable in Germany provide an important basis for this.

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