Work aids

Help, explanations and comments

In this section we will provide you with additional information on the laboratory guidelines and other work aids for your day-to-day work.

Demonstration experiments

Video clips help to visualise hazards in handling hazardous substances

Avoiding accidents and ill health is one objective when handling hazardous substances. Video clips illustrate the hazards of working with hazardous substances in the laboratory and provide guidance for safe handling. They help to recognise hazards and then systematically avoid them. The videos may be used to provide examples for safety and health instruction at work. :: read on

Flexible protection from splinters

Evacuated glass equipment can implode suddenly in the event of tensions or defects, e.g. through cracks caused by blows. :: read on

Laboratory inspections

As a supplement to the information provided in Section 7 "Inspections" of the laboratory guidelines "Working Safely in Laboratories – Basic Principles and Guidelines" (DGUV Information 213-851), the following gives an overview of the inspections that are routinely carried out in laboratories. :: read on

Sample escape and rescue plan

The escape and rescue plan must be mounted in central areas where it is easily visible. A downloadable sample can be found here. :: read on

Sample hand and skin protection plan

A sample of a hand and skin protection plan explaining the use of the various skin protection materials can be found here. :: read on

Sample permit for safety-relevant work

Permits are recommended for safety-relevant work in the laboratory and for duties that potentially affect safety in the laboratory. These should be brought to the attention of everyone involved. :: read on

Shoes in the laboratory

In the laboratory it is necessary to wear solid, non-slip and closed shoes. :: read on

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