4.6 Hygiene

4.6.1 General measures

Appropriate hygiene measures are to be taken. Workplaces must be kept free of contamination and cleaned on a regular basis.

Chemical contamination that is not removed represents a hazard through unintentional contact and inadvertent incorporation. In addition, there is a risk of slipping in puddles of water or oil residue. Special chemical binders quickly soak up puddles. If wearing gloves, care should be taken not to spread contamination inadvertently in the laboratory, for example on the sashes of fume hoods, telephone receivers, keyboards, door knobs, fittings and writing implements.

Work clothing may not be worn in clean areas such as office or conference rooms, libraries, seminar rooms, break rooms, staff kitchens, canteens or cafeterias.

Long hair and beards that pose a potential hazard, for example through contamination and thermal or mechanical effects, have to be secured tightly (tied back, pinned up, hair nets, head scarves, etc.). The head coverings themselves may not pose a potential hazard.