6.2.2   Escape and rescue routes

Laboratories must be equipped with an adequate number of rescue routes and exits that reflects the local conditions and the materials and work methods used. Escape routes may only lead through an adjacent room if this room can be exited safely without outside help, even in the event of a hazard occurring.

It is advisable to provide a second escape option in all laboratory areas (see also the relevant building regulations). The escape route must not be more than 25 m long.

Particularly laboratories that are high fire hazard locations as defined by the technical rule TRGS 800 “Fire protection measures” and teaching laboratories are required to have two exits that are accessible from any area of the laboratory. The exits should be located as far apart as possible, be safely accessible without assistance from third parties and be fully functional at all times.

See also the Technische Regeln für Arbeitsstätten ASR A2.3 “Fluchtwege, Notausgänge, Flucht- und Rettungsplan” as well as TRGS 800 „Brandschutzmaßnahmen“.