Chapter 6.2.1: Operating and circulation Areas

Operating and circulation areas must be adequately dimensioned.

If two to four people are working between the work areas, the minimum distance is 1.45 m. More recommendations on distances between work areas or items of equipment can be found in DIN EN 14056 "Laboreinrichtungen – Empfehlungen für Anordnung und Montage". These recommendations are minimum figures. They should be increased if, for example,

  • the space between two work areas is used not only for the circulation of the people working there, but also for other persons
  • special working conditions exist, such as an increased fire or explosion hazard
  • work areas are more than 6 m in length
  • more than 4 people work between the areas
  • there are two fume hoods opposite one another.

The distance is also to be increased if, for example, the space is permanently restricted by items such as stools, pull-out desks, equipment trolleys, racks or substructures (Fig. 22). Maintenance aisles, for example between two rows of gas chromatographs located back to back, may be less than 0.90 m wide. Routes used purely for circulation without any operating areas must be at least 0.90 m wide.

For the design of workplaces, in particular ASR A1.2 "Raumabmessungen und Bewegungsflächen" ASR A1.8 "Verkehrswege" are to be observed.

Internal transport routes must, as far as possible, be kept free of obstructions such as steps.

See also DIN EN 12128 "Biotechnik – Laboratorien für Forschung, Entwicklung und Analyse – Sicherheitsstufen mikrobiologischer Laboratorien, Gefahrenbereich, Räumlichkeiten und technische Sicherheitsanforderungen".