Flexible protection from splinters

During this process, the substances within the equipment are splashed and sharp glass fragments are propelled around the room. To protect the user from these dangers, corresponding measures must be taken.

Protective measures are particularly important when using evacuated rotary evaporators and distillation apparatuses, but also during the deployment of vacuum desiccators, filtration apparatuses according to Witt, Woulfe bottles, glass vacuum buffer tanks, Stock vacuum apparatuses and similar equipment. This equipment can be coated with plastic, laminated, lined with nets or gabions or operated from behind protective screens. It is also possible to hang curtains made of flexible plastic lamellae on the sides at which a hazard may arise. These curtains can be obtained as modular systems made of standard components.

The size can easily be adapted corresponding to the apparatus. Defective individual lamellae can also be replaced easily. The capacity to hold back fragments and splinters from implosions and also splashes is very high while at the same time only limiting free access to the apparatus to a small extent. Similar constructions are used as splash protection curtains in chemical plants, for example at pumping units, and can also be used in the laboratory as an effective means of protection against corresponding hazards.

See: Sichere Chemiearbeit 2-2000, 20

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