Laboratory inspections

Supplement to Section 7 “Inspections” of the laboratory guidelines “Working Safely in Laboratories – Basic Principles and Guidelines” (DGUV Information 213-851)

The Gefahrstoffverordnung requires proprietors to check the performance and effectiveness of technical protective measures regularly, but at least every three years. The proprietor is responsible for defining the type and scope of inspections and the inspection periods based on a hazard assessment, and for documenting these. It is also important to ensure that inspections are only performed by appointed persons with the relevant expertise.

As a general rule, a visual inspection and a simple functional test must be carried out by trained persons on all equipment prior to use. The scope and frequency of the inspections are based on the manufacturer’s specifications (TRBS 1201). Inspections of all electrical systems and equipment must be performed according to DGUV Regulation 3 or DGUV Regulation 4.

The downloadable table summarises the recommendations of the Subcommittee “Laboratories” of the “Raw materials and chemical industry” Expert Committee of the DGUV for how frequently periodic inspections should be carried out on laboratory equipment as well as the basic guidelines set forth in state regulations and the regulations of the German Social Accident Insurance Institutions and also provides further information on the inspection scope.

This list is not definitive and may be amended at any time. Pertinent information and amendments may be sent to AK-Labor(at)

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