Learning from accident and damage events

In this section we would like to describe accident and damage events that can also be used as examples during training courses. The events occurred in the last few years both inside Germany and in the international arena.

Fatalities caused by skin contact with tetramethylammonium hydroxide

Absorption through the skin

In a laboratory accident, a worker was splashed with a 25% solution of ammonium hydroxide in water, wetting 29% of the surface area of his skin. He immediately tried to decontaminate himself under an emergency shower, but was found unconscious 15 minutes later. :: read on

Skin contact with irritating hazardous substance

Always take hazardous substances seriously

A few minutes before the end of his shift, an employee was hit on the side of his body by a small amount of methyl-4-toluenesulfonate from a hose. :: read on

Under pressure

Moist activated carbon bursts locking ring

In a member company, activated carbon used to be moistened with water immediately before use. This procedure had been altered in that a supplier prepared the moistened carbon in sealed stainless steel drums on their premises prior to delivery. At the end of 2005, an accident occurred. :: read on

Hydrochloric acid vapours released unexpectedly

Phosphorus oxychloride and acetone is a dangerous mixture

An unexpected and severe chemical reaction between the solvent and cleaning agent acetone and the chemical phosphorus oxychloride led to an accident in a member company that luckily did not cause any personal injury. :: read on

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