Simplified labelling of laboratory containers

The The Subcommittee “Laboratories“ of the Expert Committee “Raw materials and chemical industry“ of the DGUV has developed a simplified system for storage bottles in laboratories, taking into account the new labelling system in line with the CLP regulation.

Overview of the pictogram-phrase combinations for laboratories of the DGUV

Combinations of pictograms and phrases make up the core element of this system. The information content of the H-statements is condensed and conveyed in the form of phrases. One way the system can be applied is in the form of sheets of self-adhesive pictograms bearing the phrases.

A selection of commonly and less commonly needed combinations of pictograms and phrases suitable for use in laboratories can be printed on a single sheet and can therefore be easily made available on site. Further information can be found in annex 4 of  "Working safely in laboratories".

Online access to "Working safely in laboratories" is offered here.

Scalable pictogram-phrase combinations (SVG files)

This ZIP file contains scalable pictogram-phrase combinations (SVG files) of the simplified labeling system. The individual graphics can be scaled to and printed at any required size using suitable graphics software supporting vector files, such as Inkscape.

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