“Nanorama Production” – Safety in manufacturing and processing nanomaterials

A new interactive online tool for the safe manufacturing and processing of nanomaterials

“Nanorama”, which is a neologism combining the terms “nano” and “panorama”, is a novel e-learning application that allows users to enter and move around a virtual room. The 360° panorama shows products, materials and occupational situations that may occur when handling nanomaterials and nanotechnologies. The focus is on the use of nanomaterials and the appropriate protective measures that are to be taken in handling them.

“Nanorama Production” is a further new interactive e-learning tool that can be found on the nano-portal “Safe Handling of Nanomaterials”. It provides information on how to manufacture and process nanomaterials safely during production. The 360° panorama allows users to identify activities involving nanomaterials, roughly estimate exposure and correctly apply the appropriate protective measures. The panorama depicts six different work environments:

1. Synthesis
2. Dispersion of solid nanomaterials
3. Preparation of suspensions by means of a basket mill
4. Processing of dispersions
5. Storage
6. Laboratory analysis

Information is also provided on further topics such as cleaning, the measurement of airborne particles, explosion protection and occupational hygiene.

In the photorealistic images of the 3D panorama, employees recognize work situations and learn valuable information about occupational safety and health more or less on the side when clicking on the individual situations. Although “Nanorama Production” was primarily intended for use by workers directly, safety experts may also find it useful, for example for training purposes.

The tool is also available in English, which opens it up to a broad international audience and allows the tool to help promote occupational safety and health in handling nanomaterials worldwide.

The two nanoramas were developed by the Innovation Society, St Gall, Switzerland, on behalf of the Social Accident Insurance Institution for the raw materials and chemical industry (BG RCI) and are an integral part of the nano-portal “Safe Handling of Nanomaterials” by the German Statutory Accident Insurance (DGUV).

Follow this link to the DGUV website and the English language version of “Nanorama Production”

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