Request for a Letter of Access to BG RCI studies for REACH purposes

The former BG Chemie (after 2010 its legal successor is BG RCI) has published Toxicological Evaluations for 245 industrial chemicals and has performed 432 experimental studies with 129 phase-in substances within its “Programme for the Prevention of Health Hazards caused by Industrial Substances”. BG RCI as the data holder is willing to share these data in oder to avoid unnecessary duplication of animal experiments and costs. The right to use the data for registration under REACH can be obtained from BG RCI in the form of a Letter of Access.

The synoptic table (see below "Kostenübersicht-englisch") lists the substances in order of CAS number, the studies performed (for study abbreviations, see legend at the end of the list) and the cost of a Letter of Access granting the right to use including the right to refer to the full study report. Costs are presented in a transparent fashion and depend on whether the Letter of Access is requested with or without a copy of the full study report, and whether the requester is a BG RCI Member Company (no charge) or a non-member company. BG RCI ensures that the costs of sharing the information have been determined in a fair, transparent and non-discriminatory way and do not reflect historic or replacement costs.

Data quality in most of the studies is “Klimisch 1” (reliable without restrictions), but a number of early studies could be rated as “Klimisch 2” (reliable with restrictions) because they were conducted before the introduction of GLP standards.

The ordering process is simple, and is as follows: To download the "Agreement on rights to use individual studies for Registration under REACH click on the financial conditions listed in the synoptic table "Kostenübersicht-englisch" below: BG RCI Member Companies click on "no charge", a non-member company click on the respective Euro sum. Complete the Agreement and its annexes by entering the appropriate details, print out two copies, sign both copies and send them to BG RCI by post. Member companies of BG RCI will subsequently receive the countersigned Agreement and Letter of Access by post. Non-member companies will first be invoiced accordingly. On receipt of payment from the non-member company, we will return the countersigned Agreement and Letter of Access by post. The Letter of Access will include the right to refer to the full study report for registration under REACH.

To the synoptic table with overview of costs

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