REACH – Häufig verwendete Begriffe

BCF Bioconcentration factor
C & L Classification and labelling (Einstufung und Kennzeichnung)
CSA Chemical Safety Assessment
CSR Chemical Safety Report (Stoffsicherheitsbericht)
DMEL Derived minimum effect level
DNEL Derived no effect level
DP Decision-making point
EDTA Endocrine Disrupters Testing and Assessment
ELR Existing Legal Requirement
GHS Globally Harmonized System
HPV High production volume (Großstoffe)
NOEC No observed effect concentration
PBT Persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic
PNEC Predicted no effect concentration
POP Persistent organic pollutant
QSAR Quantitative structure activity relationship
RIP REACH Implementation Project
RMM Risk management measure
RMO Risk management option
SEA Socio-economic analysis (erstellt Behörde)
SIEF Substance Information Exchange Forum
SVHC Substances of very high concern (CMR cat 1 und 2, PBT, vPvB)
TGD Technical Guidance Document
UVCB Unknown or variable composition, complex reaction products of biological materials
vPvB very persistent and very bioaccumulative